- not wasting scientists time on routine data processing

- locating results without searching through piles of Excel files

- adaptable systems that can change as quickly as your research workflows


Custom research informatics systems allows you to harness the full potential of IT in supporting your scientific research. The benefits include not only saving time and increasing efficiency, but also game-changing increases in laboratory throughput, improved data quality and stronger data analysis.

Convenience of data processing operations is one of the benefits of customisation, and that in turn leads to better system adoption (too many expensive IT systems lies dormant on the computers), higher and more consistent data quality (by letting computers do the routine operations) and freeing scientists to do research rather than waste cognitive resources on operating obscure IT systems.

Good “software building blocks” not only makes software development more efficient, but also allows quick assembly of custom solutions in an agile process that captures high quality feedback from scientists, thus ensuring that the right solution is created.

Discoverable software features let you learn about the system while using it – reducing the need for training that is soon forgotten.

Sciformatics combines the ideas of custom systems, convenience, composable building blocks, discoverability and agility with strong life science domain experience to create successful research informatics systems.

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Scirex is a next generation Research Execution Support and Research Data Management system being developed by Sciformatics.

Scirex emphasizes:

  • Flexibility: Scientists must have the freedom to change workflows and data calculation without changing the system.
  • Agility: It must be possible to quickly update the automated data processing elements with new functionality
  • Composability: Scientists must have the freedom to combine different data processing and data management systems

With the flexibility, agility and composability offered by Scirex, scientists are no longer forced into relying on a file based approach to research data management.

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