• not wasting your time on routine data processing
  • locating results without searching through piles of Excel files
  • adaptable IT systems that change as quickly as your research workflows

Research Execution Support

IT systems should be help you in all phases of your research, including:

  • Plan and coordinate your research
  • Track compounds & samples
  • Share information
  • Store results and trace their origin
  • Automate routine data processing
  • Perform aggregated data analysis

The challenges of handling diverse and variable research workflows often force scientists to rely on Excel and other applications for manual data processing as the only tools with sufficient flexibility. Sciformatics work to change this situation by offering more flexible and agile software.


Sciformatics has created Scirex to assist your research work. The key ingredients that enable efficient research support and data management are:

  • Flexibility: The ability to handle day-to-day variation as well as the difference between labs, projects and technologies.
  • Customization: The key to automation, increased data quality and the convenience that ensures system adoption.
  • Convenience: IT systems must be a help in your daily work, not an extra burden; otherwise they are very likely not to be used and, hence, o=you will loose the potential benefits.

Scirex has been created to offer these characteristics in a timely and agile fashion.

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