Helping scientists with better informatics

Software that helps scientists do research

Are you and your research team spending hours on manual data processing?

Hours that could otherwise have been spend on research and valuable data analysis?

We have developed Scirex to change that!

Current and future scientific research are too complex to manage in file based systems like Microsoft Excel and GraphPad Prism.

Scirex is a flexible and agile software solution that can help optimize your data management in a simple and easy way

– and of course you can still use Microsoft Excel, GraphPad Prism etc. as Scirex offers full integration.

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Meet the team

Sciformatics is a young, Danish company that delivers software to the early stages of research in the pharma- and biotech industries, as well as in CRO and academia.

Sciformatics is founded and led by passionate entrepreneurs with a can-do attitude and a strong team spirit.

We are always on the lookout for new talent, so please get in touch.

Thomas P. Boesen


Biochemist, Ph.D. & Software Engineer


Phone: +45 5124 9454

Pernille Nyvang Jørgensen


M.Sc. Medicinal Chemistry


Phone: +45 5376 6739

Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Senior Software Engineer

M.Sc. Software Engineering


Phone: +45 6172 7747

Tania H. Lind

Marketing Freelancer


Phone: +45 2629 7986