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with better informatics


Better software – Better research

Your research data are growing continuously in complexity and magnitude – and most likely, your data management tools are not keeping up. The lack of adequate informatics tools to handle the complexity of scientific research slows down and muddles your research work.

We want to change that.

We have a background in pharmaceutical research and have worked in the lab ourselves. We have experienced how the lack of adequate software tools often deprives you of valuable research time and makes it hard to maintain a consistent and clear overview of your research results. We know the need for extreme flexibility is always a high priority, and that the software should not be a constraint for your research.

To overcome these obstacles, we have created Scirex; an IT system that helps ease and support your daily research by providing you with better informatics support.

We programmed it to match your needs – built for scientists – by scientists.

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Customization to fit your workflow

Scirex is built to be customized to your specific needs.

You can do it yourself, if you have people with programming skills – or you can benefit from our combined experience from both software development and laboratory research, letting us help you customize Scirex to fit your wishes and requirements.

Just call us and we are ready to set up a meeting.

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Already have an idea of how to improve your software situation? - We want to help!

We have many years of experience developing software for scientific research, so if you have already pinpointed the changes or solution to your current data struggle, we can program it for you.

Whether you are looking for new applications or database systems, or you have a need for further improvement of existing systems, we want to help you with better informatics.

E-mail or call us to have a chat about the solution you are looking for.

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