New name: Scifeon

Sciformatics has changed name to Scifeon.

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I’m starting a Research Informatics company. After 2½ very interesting years at Novo Nordisk, I have just left my position in order to start out on my own (again). It was not a difficult decision, although one that is also accompanied by sadness. Novo is full of great people that are very interesting to work with, and Novo also presents lots of informatics challenges, caused by the complex processes and data found in early stage pharmaceutical research.

The motto “Computers Shall be Much Better at Helping Scientists” spells out the main motivation for starting Sciformatics.

Despite the great effort of countless skilled and dedicated software developers, too many scientists, whether at universities, small biotech companies or large pharmaceutical companies, waste a lot of time manually doing data processing that computers should be assisting much better. After initial processing, lots if not most of research results end up in Excel files, practically unavailable for analyses other than those initially planned. Exploratory data analysis on historical laboratory results require manually extracting the results from individual files, dramatically reducing the value of the data. And a third area of insufficient informatics support is the difficulty of obtaining powerful yet flexible support for laboratory automation.

The main focus of Sciformatics™ is improving research data management. At you can read more about Sciformatics™, and over the coming months I will publish a series of articles, spelling out my vision for the next generation of research informatics software and elaborating on concrete ways in which Sciformatics™ will help scientists with better informatics support.