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Are you using GraphPad Prism for curve fitting and other data analysis and visualization? Do you have hundreds or maybe thousands of Prism files where you are manually transferring data from and to Excel and other Office applications like Outlook and PowerPoint?

We are building a “PrismWrapper” for Scirex™, Sciformatics’ new Research Execution Support system. This Prism wrapper will be able to automatically extract data from your Prism Files. It will also enable automation of raw data capture from instruments and automatic analysis using Prism templates.

Prism File Import

So far, we have made a minimal prototype that demonstrates the functionality:

You can click the Import File button and select a Prism file. The system will then collect the data tables (i.e. the curve points), the curve fitting results, and the charts from the file, then import the data into Scirex™. It will also create an experiment record in Scirex™ and records for the samples that were analyzed. Soon, it will be able to link the information to compounds, batches and requests in the system.

Curve Fitting Results and Charts in the Database

When you have imported the curve fitting results, they can be viewed in the Scirex™ website:

In the same manner, the charts are also stored in the database and are available in the Scirex™ website:

But Why?

Of course, just viewing individual curve fitting results and charts does not offer any functionality that Prism doesn’t already give you. However, there are many benefits to now having the data in the database:

  • You can search for and compare results across different Prism files
  • If you make different curve fittings (e.g. with different models or parameters), you can track that in the database, compare results and manage which results are release
  • You can more easily share results with your colleagues
  • You can track the result relationships back to the raw data files
  • You can generate reports, e.g. easily showing all results for a specific compound

Planned Features

We have a lot more functionality planned, including:

  • Showing the file content in the Wrapper application and letting you choose exactly what to import
  • Automatically linking to existing compounds and batches
  • Running Prism automatically on raw data in Scirex; with this function, you can automate data processing without losing the ability to easily and quickly try and change analysis method using different Prism templates. And Scirex™ will keep track of different analyses of the same raw data.

Prototype 2

Next week we will publish another blog entry demonstrating some of this additional functionality.