New name: Scifeon

Sciformatics has changed name to Scifeon.

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MS-Omics is a service provider of metabolomics and data analysis. They carry out advanced data analysis for scientific customers internationally and specialize in extensive characterization of biological samples. MS-Omics processes large amounts of data from raw GC-MS and LC-MS files and carry out advanced multivariate data analysis.

Data driven research naturally calls for next generation data management. We are thrilled to provide it.

We work in close collaboration with MS-Omics to improve their data management using the Scirex™ platform. MS-Omics will obtain next generation sample management, fast quality monitoring and easy drill down analysis, thus giving easy access to detailed data from the first overview. Later on, Scirex™ can provide improved data access with even more advanced functions to MS-Omics customers.

Jakob is responsible for the implementation of Scirex™ at MS-Omics and for getting Lea from MS-Omics up and running with the software. Soon she will independently be able to customize Scirex™, using our JavaScript customization framework, to ensure that MS-Omics scientists get the most out of their advanced data.


InnoBooster invests in knowledge-based innovative projects from small to medium sized companies and scientists with clear and ambitious goals.

InnoBooster has chosen to invest in a large Sciformatics™ project. In this project, we are:

  • Developing our DevOps functionality
  • Developing a Scirex™ module for in vitro biology and plate assays
  • Ensuring integration with Microsoft Excel and GraphPad Prism so that data easily can be exported and imported to and from Scirex™ – of course ensuring full traceability

InnoBooster is a part of Innovationsfonden, and their investment has enabled us to hire Jakob as our Senior Software Engineer.

We are both happy and excited that InnoBooster backs our project, which enables us to move forward quicker!