What is Scirex?

Scirex is a software system developed to help you carry out your daily research. We have programmed Scirex to give you the research execution support that you need on a day-to-day basis.

Scirex supports your laboratory work by managing your research stuff e.g. your plates, samples, instruments and animals, your results (raw data, calculated results and interpretations), and your planning process, resulting in a clear and comprehensive overview of your research, that can easily be shared with others in your team.

Scirex is built to ensure that all the necessary information is available to you and your team in a timely manner. It also assists you with instrument setup, data processing and communication.

This means that once you have completed your laboratory work, Scirex provides you with full access to your results, enabling you to harvest the full value of your research. Scirex is developed to provide you with high data quality and traceability every step of the way.

Why is Scirex different?

You are probably wondering what it is that makes Scirex different from the other available software programs designed for scientific research.

Well, we have based our programming of Scirex on 6 core principles to ensure that our software meets the specific needs of your scientific research.

We call them the AC3DF principles.


Agility keeps your data up-to-date

Smaller and faster deliveries of new custom functionality enable Scirex to keep up with changes to the research workflows and reduce the risks associated with system implementation by facilitating immediate feedback from you, your team and other users.

Less manual processing is more convenient

Scirex saves end user time and promotes system adaption, which can reduce the stress level in your team by freeing up more time for you and your team to focus on research, rather than spending it on trying to operate obscure IT systems.

Composable software is better at collaboration

In order to get the most out of your collected research data, it is essential to have a functioning interrelationship between your systems.

Scirex is made up of highly composable components that are easy to assemble and reassemble to fit your specific user requirements, and easy to integrate with your existing/preferred data bases and local applications.

Customization instead of rigid uniformity

Providing you with better informatics also means that we have created Scirex to be customizable to suite the specific needs and requirements of your research.

If you have programming skills, you can customize Scirex on your own, or you can draw on us to learn how to form and bend Scirex depending on your wishes.

Discover the many uses of Scirex – while you use it

Scirex is created to be more intuitive, so you and your team can discover the system’s functionality while using it, rather than having to rely on distant and forgotten training. This discoverability also improves system adoption.

You need flexibility in the flux of research

An informatics system must be flexible enough to accommodate the changes that research workflow often undergoes from one experiment to the next e.g. having to rerun failed steps or further investigate interesting results.

Scirex is programmed to handle such variations to make your research process more flexible.